Commercial/Audio Paging

The Power of Music in Commercial and Industrial Audio Applications

At Spectrum Systems, we understand the power of music in commercial and industrial settings. Our team designs and installs professional systems for intercom paging, music, and other audio applications to ensure that your audio is heard when and where you want it.

Music can enhance employee productivity and customer interaction, set the mood in a room, and even change the perception of space. It can be used to boost productivity, make exercise easier, and work more enjoyable. It is a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient way to improve any business, regardless of the place or type.

We offer two types of audio systems to meet your specific needs: Foreground and Background music systems.

Foreground Music Systems:

  • Designed to provide a higher volume of sound without compromising quality.
  • Ideal for venues that attract a younger crowd such as sports bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and bowling alleys.

Background Music Systems:

  • Designed to provide atmosphere without being too obtrusive.
  • Emphasis is on quality sound that will remain audible over the general background noise of a site.
  • Ideal for offices, retail stores, grocery stores, financial institutions, and clinics/hospitals.

If you need background music for your office, store, restaurant, a sound system for your church, a paging system for your facility or emergency notification system for your plant contact us for a no obligation quote.